Formula E, the world’s first fully electric racing series, has cars that swish rather than scream — and all the┬ádrivers drive the same design of car. Driver Nicolas Prost shares the secrets behind a very modern contest.

Who should go to Mars? Fancy growing a chair? Top creative thinkers share their thoughts on what the future might look like, in films shot at TED2015 by Jesse Dylan.

Dame Steve Shirley |

Dame Stephanie Shirley founded a women-only computing company in 1962, determined to do her work on her terms, and to hell with the glass ceiling. In this video, introduced by US CTO Megan Smith, admire the feisty spirit who upended tech world sexism by refusing to accept it.


In this exclusive TED video, sex ed teacher Al Vernacchio and Make Love Not Porn founder Cindy Gallop discuss why having “the” talk with our kids is not enough.

How to make chicken foot broth

Courtney Grimes-Sutton and Asa Thomas-Train of Mace Chasm Farm explain how to make chicken feet broth — and discuss the joys and pains of farming. A film from

Would you like to learn more about every single element on the periodic table? We’ve got you covered

Autonomous flying machines meet the entertainment industry. Whimsy and delight ensue.