When Michelangelo’s ambitious paintings premiered in the sixteenth century, they touched off a very modern-sounding social media scandal, says art historian Elizabeth Lev.


Afghan-born artist Behnaz Babazadeh hopes to spark a conversation about the burka … by wrapping herself in candy.


Russian artist Uldus creates surreal photographic portraits of maidens, demons, heroines and gnomes.


Jason deCaires Taylor casts giant cement sculptures that weigh thousands of pounds — and then sinks them into the ocean. His idea: to create a unique underwater gallery that algae, corals and other sea creatures can call home.


When artist JR started a project about the 1.2 million people held in limbo at the Ellis Island Immigrant Hospital in the early 20th century, he couldn’t help but notice ghosts of the present.


Deaf artist Christine Sun Kim describes how she combines American Sign Language and musical notation systems in her drawings.

Photo: Joshua Brott

Travis Threlkel paints in light. His canvas: the largest buildings he can find.