Investigative journalist Will Potter shares useful resources for anyone looking to find out more about “ag-gag laws,” legislation that seeks to criminalize people for exposing animal cruelty.


American lawmakers are becoming ever-more Kafkaesque in their contorted attempts to reassure us that they’re working in our best interests while suppressing, cajoling and outright bullying those who might hold a different point of view. That’s why people like journalist Will Potter matter more than ever.


Maya Penn is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, fashion designer, animator, blogger, writer and illustrator. She runs a budding eco-friendly fashion business and a nonprofit for environmental awareness, and her mind churns constantly with new creative projects. Oh, and she’s only 13.

Is sharing the solution to our global challenges? Robin Chase says yes. Read about the founder of Zipcar’s vision for future collaborative economies.


In 1945, there were 4.5 million bees in the United States. Today, there are just about 2 million. It’s been a subtle decline over time, but one that has dramatically accelerated over the past seven years. And this should be extremely alarming, given that bees pollinate one-third of the world’s crops. In today’s talk, […]

Light streams across an elephant disappearing into the bush. Kafue National Park, Zambia. (2010.)

Sebastião Salgado spent eight years traveling the world to photograph humans, animals and nature in their native glory. See eight of his breathtaking images.

“Silver Lake Operations #16,” Lake Lefroy, Western Australia, 2007.

Photographer Edward Burtynsky travels the world to capture how man is leaving a mark on nature. See 13 of his haunting photos.