Architecture expos are often futurist fantasias of design — but this year’s Venice Architecture Biennale imagines how humanity’s first art can house (and treat) us all better.

One environmental advocate’s quest to detox the healthcare sector.

Here’s a riddle for you: A plane flew for five days and nights, staying airborne for 118 hours. But it didn’t use a single drop of fuel. How? Bertrand Piccard explains.

Formula E, the world’s first fully electric racing series, has cars that swish rather than scream — and all the drivers drive the same design of car. Driver Nicolas Prost shares the secrets behind a very modern contest.

In her TED Talk, Oceana’s Jackie Savitz argues that we can solve the global food crisis by sustaining our oceans.

An expert on complex systems, economist Didier Sornette tries to predict the next big market instabilities (and their causes) and describes his dismay at the illusion of a perpetual money machine. Central banks? Central banks are flying blind.