As an occasionally practicing, atheistic Jew, David Webber tries to get to grips with what being a “good” Jew might actually mean. And yes, what his mother thinks matters.

Today’s round-up of need-to-know stories features a rare argument in favor of Google Glass, a lyrical take on the intelligence of worms and jellyfish, and a discovery that might help explain how galaxies work.

How World of Warcraft might just save humanity, how Europe isn’t dead, and how you can help a legendary designer read his own obituaries. It must be Friday; today’s must-read stories are all about death.

In her TED Talk, Sarah Jones channels characters from THE FUTURE. But in the future, turns out, we’re still pretty much the same kinds of people we are today. Sure, we may wear robot fighting exoskeletons — but we’re still going to war and falling in love and arguing with our moms. And that’s great.

Today’s must-read stories from around the web include a pointed critique of the design profession, an interview with Christo, and a horror story of life as an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley.

Anant Agarwal, president of edX, talks about his MIT-backed nonprofit MOOC — and new models of higher education.

Salman Khan’s Khan Academy ignited the conversation around online education. Hear his vision for the future.