Economist Dilip Ratha discusses diaspora bonds in today’s talk.

The language we speak shapes our identity and our society. So let’s celebrate the diversity of English dialects.

Philosopher Ruth Chang celebrates the hard choices that allow us to write the story of our own lives. But what of those who aren’t free in the first place?

A group of Brazilian hackers affiliated with Anonymous plans to join the escalating protests leading up to the World Cup this week. As they criticize government spending and inequality, they also shine light on the power of online protests.

The synthesis between the civil rights movement and the gay rights movement reminds us to that the fight for equality is playing out on multiple fronts simultaneously. To be truly victorious in this struggle, we can’t narrowly focus on our own battles. Instead, let’s focus on promoting equality and justice for all.


This week’s numbers include the amount of change tossed into Rome’s Trevi Fountain each year (a lot), the number of Americans aged 18-34 who still live with their parents (too many), and the percentage of Americans who don’t believe in the Big Bang (gulp).

As the president of Bennington College, Liz Coleman challenged the status quo of a higher education system more concerned with growing endowments than with training the next generation of public servants. Now heading the Center for the Advancement of Public Action, she’s focused on a more fundamental issue: what will schools teach? And what does that mean for the future of our society?