Life — and love — in limbo, as captured in these poignant images from photographer Giles Duley.


Melissa Fleming of the UN’s Refugee Agency shares some ways to help refugees right now.


When artist JR started a project about the 1.2 million people held in limbo at the Ellis Island Immigrant Hospital in the early 20th century, he couldn’t help but notice ghosts of the present.

Letter from Syria | TED

Syrian national Mahmoud Al Moufti describes the hopelessness of living in a country at war.

Tomm Christiansen 10

Now home to some 5,000 refugees, “The Jungle” in Calais is in essence a dead-end for migrants who are hoping to get through to the United Kingdom. Photographer Tomm Christiansen has documented real life there for months. He shares some of his startling photographs.

Next we were taken to Sumatra, Indonesia, where we rested for a few hours in this house before being crammed into a car for a 21-hour nonstop ride with the windows kept locked. We were taken to an airport, where one of our smugglers had arranged boarding passes for us to get to Jakarta. The total cost of the trip from Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta was $2500.

As a Hazara, Barat Ali Batoor faced violent oppression in his native Pakistan, so he sought asylum in Australia. His journey took weeks, cost thousands of dollars, and nearly ended in disaster countless times. Batoor, a photographer, documented every step of the way. See his incredible images.

When Giles Duley arrived in Lebanon to photograph Syrian refugees who’d fled there, he saw something that he wasn’t expecting. He saw himself.