How much are you prepared to reveal?

Jul 1, 2014 /

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In this month’s “Question worth Asking,” we ask, “How much are you prepared to reveal?” It’s a question that occupies all of us, to some degree or another, and one that takes in everything from issues around sharing data online to figuring out how to negotiate the line between privacy and secrecy. Check out all the articles in the series here:

The fastest way to fight prejudice? Open up
Equality advocate Ash Beckham hopes her habit of chronic over-sharing leads to more honest conversations.

What are you revealing online? Much more than you think
What can be guessed about you from your online behavior? Two computer privacy experts — economist Alessandro Acquisti and computer scientist Jennifer Golbeck — on how little we know about how much others know.

The difference between corporate privacy and secrecy
Secrecy is often used as a legal shield to cover up illegal actions by businesses. Anti-corruption activist and TED Prize winner Charmian Gooch explains why we should care — and what we should do.

We’re not so different after all
iO Tillett Wright is currently 5,519 portraits into a mission to point out that we’re all, at heart, the same. Her goal: to photograph 10,000 people around the United States who identify as being something other than 100% heterosexual. Here’s just a small sample of her powerful photographs.

I share everything. Or do I?
After a misleading tip linked Hasan Elahi to terrorist activities — and an FBI investigation — the artist created a project that lets anyone monitor him. But how much is he really revealing?

The artist is present. Can you see him?
Beijing-based artist Liu Bolin disappears into his works, silently making bold statements about consumerism, mass culture — even the Chinese government. See a gallery of previously unpublished works.