What makes a baker’s hands different from anyone else’s hands? And how does flour, water, bacteria and wild yeast from the air result in something as delicious and as unique as a loaf of sourdough? Biologist Rob Dunn wanted to find out.

While the musical soundtrack is wholly a product of the imagination, everything else in this spellbinding animation of the HIV virus — created by Janet Iwasa — is based on the findings of researchers.

Just like a human being, a house or office has its own microbiome, with good and bad microorganisms. One researcher has a targeted idea: to customize our spaces with the right microbes.

A memorable conversation with Oliver Sacks reveals what might have been his greatest attribute: undying curiosity.

Today’s three must-read stories include ways we’re absolutely destined to screw up, the sorry but hopefully promising tale of a comic book blog’s moves against misogyny, and, well, a story of poo.