Turn it into a game, says technologist Esra’a Al Shafei. Thanks to features like a point system and a leaderboard, her small site for LGBTQ people in the Arab world is not only fun to use — it’s free from harassers.

A teacher, psychologist, crisis-line supervisor and others share their suggestions for what you can do.

Want to help prevent online bullying? Comment on Facebook | ideas.ted.com

When TED posted the talk by Monica Lewinsky, the haters came out in force. TED’s social media editor, Nadia Goodman, describes what happened — and how she and her team countered the vitriol, one comment at a time.

Today’s three must-read stories include ways we’re absolutely destined to screw up, the sorry but hopefully promising tale of a comic book blog’s moves against misogyny, and, well, a story of poo.