While there’s no one-size-fits-all formula for coming out, writer Amanda Gundel and therapist Daniel Tehrani share 6 common steps –and some common-sense guidance — for this process.

Filmmakers Jenni Chang and Lisa Dozals offer photos of eight people they met when documenting the global diversity of LGBTQ experience.

Equality advocate Ash Beckham explains why she’s a chronic over-sharer.

iO Tillett Wright is currently 5,519 portraits into a mission to point out that we’re all, at heart, the same. Her goal: to photograph 10,000 people around the United States who identify as being something other than 100% heterosexual. Here’s just a small sample of her powerful photographs.

In an epic response to a British council candidate’s suggestion that shooting gay people might help them rethink their sexuality, Jon Drytay offers himself. Also in the mix today: sexism and technology, not necessarily together.

We scour the web so you don’t have to. Today’s must-read articles from around the web include the minerals that might replace diamonds, why the freelance economy isn’t working, and why the Euro-Twittersphere went wild for a bearded drag queen this weekend.

How should we talk about transgender issues? | ideas.ted.com

Tips and quotes from transgender men, women and their allies on how to help them gain equality and acceptance.