At TED2014, Charmian Gooch made the TED Prize wish to launch a new era of openness in business and end the phenomenon of anonymous companies. “Anonymous companies are making it difficult, and sometimes impossible, to find the actual human beings responsible for really bad crimes,” she said.

So how do anonymous companies work? This infographic explains the basics. For a deeper analysis, check out the Global Witness report “Poverty, Corruption and Anonymous Companies.”

End-Anonymous-Companies_smallWatch a video from Global Witness on the issue »

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  1. How about not. Anonymity is a core component of privacy. I shouldn’t have to give the state all the information it needs to crack down on me should a business I start become successful beyond what the state or not politically favorable . The more information a government body has the more it can interfere with me and my life. NSA anyone? These abuses are real and regrettable, but they do not refute the notion of Anonymity. These can be remedied using other means that doesn’t violate privacy. We throw a fit when we find out that the state collects inordinate amounts of information about us personally, then turn around and say our business associations have to submit to Big Brother? No.

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