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From the comments: How to talk to veterans

Jun 2, 2014 /

Community member Bal Simon wrote this in response to Wes Moore’s TED Talk, How to talk to veterans about the war:

“My dad was a WWII vet. I had uncles (now deceased) who were vets. And I have a few relatives remaining who are as well. I have to say I never thought about what it might mean for a civilian like me to take the time to ask (without insisting) about the stories surrounding the man or woman in the uniform. I have long felt that there is a debt I can never fully repay and do say thank you — but have felt embarrassed to go beyond that. Captain Moore has given me a path to go through my embarrassment if and when an opportunity presents itself. I think that is a wonderful gift he has given me. Thank you, not only for your service, Captain, but also for shining a light on a path I didn’t even realize was in front of me.”
— Bal Simon

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