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From the comments: Why vulnerability is not a sign of weakness

May 28, 2014 /

Community member Vikas Arora left this comment on Brené Brown’s TED Talk, Listening to shame.

“Your openness, honesty and exposure to vulnerability has truly moved me. Your insight into shame is inspiring at so many levels. There is another TED talk in there somewhere that I feel could benefit cultures that believe that shame is a weapon that gives people power over others.

I did believe that vulnerability in men is seen as a sign of weakness. This view changed recently when I saw my 17 year old son, who generally is far removed from expressing emotion, break down and cry when my wife told us that she might be diagnosed with cancer. His vulnerability became her strength and mine. It has brought us closer together.

It’s always good for men to show their vulnerability among those that love and respect them. It shows trust, comfort and inner strength.”
— Vikas Arora

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