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Don’t yell at whistleblowers, and today’s other important stories

May 23, 2014 /

Don’t yell at whistleblowers
Whistleblower protection now covers six million private companies in the US. Margaret Heffernan explains why this is a big deal — and why those who call time on shady activities should be treated with respect. (See also Heffernan’s TED Talk, Dare to disagree.)

And before you ask, yes, this book was published in 2014, not 1914
A troubling book gets a scathing review: Eric Michael Johnson in Scientific American takes on Nicholas Wade’s new A Troublesome Inheritance, in which the author suggests that, somehow, Caucasian people are better adapted to modern life than other races. Worth reading for the conclusion alone, which begins, “Nicholas Wade has failed spectacularly.”

Wait. Saturn is blue?
Slate’s Phil Plait explains how the yellow planet has taken on a blueish hue … and why this is interesting.