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From the comments: The real secret of happiness

May 27, 2014 /

Community member Gregory Clark wrote this in response to Shawn Achor’s TED Talk, The happy secret to better work:

“WOW! Shawn’s talk represents a shift in today’s cultural, business, and personal lives. He says that happiness is beyond our cognitive sphere, and he is right. We are promised, and demanded to exhibit, happiness from jump street. But we are never given any tools to accomplish it. After watching this talk, we now have tools, and the keys to happiness are Gratitude, Journaling, Exercise, Meditation, and Kindness. It truly is this simple. As a recovered alcoholic for 33 years, these concepts are not new to me. However, ‘doing them with diligence and purpose’ on a repetitive basis does bring about a groundswell of happiness and success. We do become happier, we are more satisfied with ourselves, and when it comes to work we become the out-performer. This talk was electrifying. Watch and see for yourself the real secrets of being happy. It will be a wonderful gift you give yourself and one that can lead to a lifetime of happiness.”
Gregory Clark

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