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From the comments: Let’s get the facts straight about nuclear

May 7, 2014 /

Smart stuff from the comments: TED community member Phillip Farris shared this in response to the TED Talk by nuclear physicist Taylor Wilson: My radical plan for small nuclear fission reactors:

“Despite the rampant assumptions regarding nuclear power and its perceived dangers, Wilson’s fission idea addresses many of the problems found in reactors currently on the market.

For those who are worried about the potential risks associated with nuclear contamination, please continue to educate yourselves on the science behind nuclear power. Gwyneth Cravens’ book, The Power to Save the World offers an excellent introduction.

We often forget that a coal plant releases far more radiation into the atmosphere than is healthy for us.

My father was on the ground at Fukishima within five months of the meltdown, and he received more background radiation passing through airport security than he did from working on the cleanup effort.

Assumptions about the dangers of radiation can be very dangerous. Please continue to educate yourself about this technology. Our culture’s assumptions play a large role in how public policy is determined.”
— Phillip Farris

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