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From the comments: Our only adversary is ignorance

May 13, 2014 /

Great stuff from the comment thread: TED community member Keith W. Henline shared this in response to the TED Talk by John McWhorter: Txtng is killing language. JK!!!

“John, I loved your talk and I am all for any kind of education. Our only adversary is ignorance.

My first experience with texting was in the chatrooms years ago. It was cute and annoying at the same time. Nowadays if you want to communicate with your children, and you should, you better learn something about texting, because it is their most fluent language. It certainly has some advantages. For instance I can say ‘WTF’ and most people do not consider it swearing or bad language. It is also a much faster way to communicate. The downside of it is people doing it while driving! Hundreds of people die every week because of people texting while driving a car, bus, train, plane or just walking. That’s a steep price to pay for saving a little time.”
— Keith W. Henline

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