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From the comments: Why school is often the only stable place for young people

May 14, 2014 /

Here’s a thoughtful comment from we received from community member Amy Daniels in response to the late Rita Pierson’s TED Talk, Every kid needs a champion:

“A wise math teacher (a sage, and one of the reasons I teach the way I teach … despite having been absolutely rotten at her subject!) once pointed out to us that school has become the only stable place for many young people. That gives teachers a huge responsibility. Ms Pierson is spot-on.

Teaching English as a foreign language in Korea, I often joke around and tell people that I’m a ‘performing monkey’ rather than a teacher. In moments of clarity, however, I realize the importance of loving my students out of their wee cotton socks despite the language barrier and the many restrictions placed on me by the system. This talk was the shot of caffeine needed to lift the most recent brain-fog.”
— Amy Daniels

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