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From the comments: A world of unfiltered communication — using just our thoughts?

May 9, 2014 /

Smart stuff from the comments: TED speaker Jok Church shared this in response to the TED Talk by Mary Lou Jepsen: Could future devices read images from our brains?:

“A mind-door opening talk for me. I had several strokes a few years ago and got to see images of my brain, and learned that different parts of my brain have new jobs, that I store things — like memories — in new places in my brain. I hope that some day I could speak with my brain and not need to push every word out, as I do now. It’s also a bit frightening to think about the world of un-filtered free-flowing thought communication. I suggest a viewing of the 1950s sci-fi classic Forbidden Planet for one possibility. Thank you, Ms. Jepsen, for suggesting we need to step into that new world together.”
— Jok Church

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