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David Kelley: The designs I love most

Dec 12, 2014 /

Design icon David Kelley shares 5 everyday objects he loves.

Kelley_David-12 (1)IDEO and founder David Kelley exudes warmth, empathy — and the deep conviction that all people can uncover more creative potential and meaningful joy in their own lives. (TED Talk: How to build your creative confidence). To begin to unlock more of your own creative potential, read Creative Confidence.

Below, Kelley shares five objects he loves.

David Kelley: What I can't live without |

My 1954 Chevy pickup.

“I would love to have the experience of doing the Mille Miglia in Italy, driving a Ferrari 250GT SWB (short wheel base). This is a little out of my reach, and so what I really love that is actually in my life is driving my 1954 Chevy pickup. Everybody smiles that I run into while driving that truck, especially at the dump.”


David Kelley: What I can't live without |

The table saw in my studio.

“The table saw in my studio gives me great pleasure as I use it to do so many projects, both practical and artistic. It’s universally useful and gets the job done easily.”


David Kelley: What I can't live without |

A stay at the Post Ranch Inn.

“A long time ago, I stayed at the Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, CA, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It’s very expensive now, but I think about how much I would like to go back. It’s probably my favorite hotel experience.”


David Kelley: What I can't live without |

My Cannondale Hooligan.

“I love my Cannondale Hooligan. It’s like a BMX bike for adults. It’s fun and it makes me feel young to ride it.”


David Kelley: What I can't live without |

A great cup of hot chocolate.

“Although it’s plenty of calories and quite an indulgence, I love hot chocolate at the Mayfield Bakery in Palo Alto, and especially at the City Bakery in New York City. The big square, homemade marshmallows are the best.”


Photo illustrations by Kelly Rakowski for TED.