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Did you smell that? And other must-read stories

May 13, 2014 /

Today’s round-up of need-to-know stories from around the web includes Snapchat for smells, searingly creative people and a world-sized pollution blanket.

Snapchat for smells. Really.
Harvard art/engineering professor David Edwards has co-invented a “phone” that will let people send smells around the Web attached to an image. The scent emerges as a brief aromatic cloud. Fart smells not included.

The world’s most creative people
“Creative” is a nebulous term, and lists are always fairly subjective. None. The. Less. Fast Company’s latest round-up of those moving and shaking creatively is worth checking out. It’s an eclectic list, refreshingly free of the usual suspects.

Air pollution. It’s global
Talk of Beijing always seems to turn before too long to the dreadful pollution that pervades the city. Quartz reports that officials there just dished out their biggest fine yet — to a company with roots in North Carolina. Whether politically motivated or not, it’s a timely reminder that there is no “over there” any more. One world. One big pollution blanket.